Inktober 2019: Week 2

Second week of Inktober completed! Still experimenting with my style so they are a little all over the place. Was fun to try and turn some of these into little story snippets. I've been a bit busier though so I really had to crank out a couple of these.

Jordy knoop day09 swing inktober2019 lr

Day 09: Swing

Jordy knoop day10 pattern inktober2019 lr

Day 10: Pattern

Jordy knoop day11 snow inktober2019 lr 2

Day 11: Snow

Jordy knoop day12 dragon inktober2019 lr

Day 12: Dragon

Jordy knoop day13 ash inktober2019 lr

Day 13: Ash

Jordy knoop day14 overgrown inktober2019 lr

Day 14: Overgrown

Jordy knoop day15 legend inktober2019 lr 2

Day 15: Legend

Jordy knoop day16 wild inktober2019 lr

Day 16: Wild