RPG Character Class Challenge: 1-8

Heyo! A friend of mine found a really cool rpg class prompt list with 31 rpg character classes. After inktober I wanted to keep the sketching train rolling so i decided to do a character sketch a day. I haven't really been able to do these daily but been managed to do 4 per week. Some are better than others, especially around day 5-7 i had a bit of a burnout, but fun to do these though!

Jordy knoop rpg 001 druid final

RPG Class day 01: druid

Jordy knoop rpg 002 gunslinger final2

RPG Class day 02: gunslinger

Jordy knoop rpg 003 hunter final1

RPG Class day 03: hunter

Jordy knoop rpg 004 tinker final1

RPG Class day 04: tinker

Jordy knoop rpg 005 spy final1

RPG Class day 05: spy

Jordy knoop rpg 006 bard final1

RPG Class day 06: bard

Jordy knoop rpg 007 swashbuckler final2

RPG Class day 07: swashbuckler

Jordy knoop rpg 008 investigator final1

RPG Class day 08: investigator